Our story

24 million luggage is lost each year. Often because the luggage tag has been worned out. When BagID was founded in Ålesund, Norway back in 2015 it was to solve this issue and make travelling less stressful. 

With a high-tech luggage tag we said goodbye to bag tags on paper and hello to the 21st century. Our digital tag doesn’t only ensure 100% readability throughout the journey, it tracks down lost stuff all over the world. 

The concept and technology have received a great deal of attention, and we are proud to be partners with national aviation authorities and international transport companies.

Since the beginning, we have received support and funding from national and regional development agencies with a focus on innovation. We have received several awards and recognition for, among other things, "Best Concept" from Iventas AS, one of Norway's most renowned companies for design and innovation.

With the launch of BagID 2 in 2022 we invite all travellers to be a part of the innovation. It doesn’t matter if you travel by train, car or if you’re just on the go. The new design allows you to attach BagID to your backpack, horse or whatever – it traces everything. If you lose something, you can find its exact position on the map in Apple Find My.