Fast track your luggage

Travel faster, easier, smarter, and in style.

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Fast track your luggage

Keep your bunad, skis or other belongings safe

When your stuff goes missing, hundreds of millions of Apple devices, all part of the Find My network, will help you locate it.

Never stand in a check-in queue again!

1. Check in your luggage on your phone.
BagID reduces the risk of mishandled
luggage by up to 50% through a 99.9% readability of your BagID compared to silicon covered paper tags.

2. Walk past the check-in lines and send it away – BagID keeps track.

3. Land at your destination and receive updates from our mobile app with the location of your belongings.

Wear BagID with pride. Read how we work with UNs sustainable development goals below

The BagID app got your back

Traveling by plane? The BagID app keeps you updated on delays, changes and of which carousel your luggage will arrive on. And there’s even more to it. Frankly, you don't even have to keep an eye on the screens anymore - the app let you know if there is anything you need to know.

1. Checked in baggage in a flash!

1. Checked in baggage in a flash!

"You don’t need to do anything other than slip your baggage into bag drop. It’s a liberating feeling! The app is easy to use, and is something which your mom could easily use!”

Johannes Barlien,
BagID customer

2. This is where your bags are right now!

2. This is where your bags are right now!

“If your baggage were to become lost or delayed, you can be proactive in knowing both where your baggage is and avoid any unnecessary queues. It really is useful!”

Svein Jørgen Roald,
BagID customer

3. Full control with smart updates.

3. Full control with smart updates.

“I didn’t think the smart alerts would be so helpful, but I use them all the time”.

Ole Marius Lervåg,
BagID customer

Make it personal

The new BagID 2 is available in a number of cool colors. Choose your favorite, customize the background, throw in a logo if you’d like – make it personal! BagID won’t mind.

Do you want your BagID to look pretty on your bag when you’re not traveling as well? Decorate it with art from Inzpero and optional text that you choose, directly from the BagID app.

Customize your own
Make it personal

Privacy built in

BagID 2 sends out an encrypted Bluetooth signal through devices in the Find My network. These devices then forward BagID 2’s position to iCloud. Your privacy is always 100% secured in this process. Nor Apple or BagID have the opportunity to find out where your BagID 2 is.

For people going places

Keeping a sight of your stuff at all times is a hassle, right? Especially on the go. BagID 2 checks in, so that you can zone out. It always knows where your belongings are – wherever, whenever.

Wear BagID with pride. Read how we work with UNs sustainable development goals below

Our contribution to a more sustainable aviation industry.

1. Paperless travel

Each year four billion paper bag tags are printed and tossed. The silicon surface even prevents recycling. With BagID you can travel paperless and help reduce the consumption of paper and silicon. 

2. Products that lasts

Official congratulations are on their way if you manage to break the BagID. Because that’s difficult. It has been through demanding crash tests and has been developed in close collaboration with airlines and airports. BagID withstands hard shocks, and water - of course! The bonus? A product that lasts plus reduced consumption.

3. On demand production
We buy our components from suppliers in the EU. Compilation is done in Poland, close to our market – on demand. That way we don’t produce more than we have to. All design and development is done in Norway with recycled materials in focus.

4. Transforming today’s infrastructure
Our products transform today’s infrastructure. It’s hopefully the end of check-in machines and all the logistics attached to this service. We also reduce the risk of mishandled luggage by up to 50% through 99.9% readability of your BagID versus 66-88% on todays silicon covered paper tag (Sita Baggage insights). This leads to less forwarding of luggage. 

Follow our journey and our continuous mission to contribute to UNs Sustainable Development Goals number:

9: "industry, innovation and infrastructure"

12: "responsible consumption and production"

15: "Life on land."