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For people going places

An electronic bag tag with tracking that lets you skip the check-in machines, enjoy a paperless travel and stay updated on where your luggage is at all times.

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Forget about standing in line at the check-in machines or using paper tags. Check-in your luggage on your phone and go straight to bag drop.

BagID 2 also reduces the risk of delayed or lost luggage with its high readability.

Checked luggage – just like that.


BagID 2 uses Apple Find My and SmartThings Find to track your things.

You can travel with the security that you can find your luggage anywhere on your journey. You will also get alerted if you are not close to your BagID anymore.

Never lose track of your stuff again.

“We thought that the BagID 2 was easy to use, and it was nice to be able to finish the check-in before the journey started.

Just as valuable we think, is that you at all times can see where your luggage is located.”

Erling Stausland - FinalCall.travel

“Connecting the BagID to the app is quickly done, and you are guided through the steps in a nice and educational way.

The actual process of checking in your luggage is also relatively easy to understand.”

Stein Jarle Olsen - Tek.no

How does it work?

BagID 2 is a rechargeable device with an e-ink screen that you attach to your luggage using an attachment casing.

When attached properly it is very secure. If you also use a padlock the device is extra secured and protected against theft as well.

The BagID 2 is very robust and is designed to handle shock, rain and rough baggage handling.

To use the BagID 2 you download our BagID app and connect to the BagID 2 through Bluetooth.

In the app you can add flights and check-in bags. You can also track your belongings at all times through Apple Find My and Samsung SmartThings Find.

Some of the services in the app are subject to subscription.

Partner airlines

We are continuously working on getting more airlines to join us as BagID partners.

Our contribution to a more sustainable aviation industry

Each year four billion paper bag tags are printed and tossed. The silicon surface even prevents recycling. With BagID you can travel paperless and help reduce the consumption of paper and silicon. 

Official congratulations are on their way if you manage to break the BagID. Because that’s difficult. It has been through demanding crash tests and has been developed in close collaboration with airlines and airports. BagID is designed to handle shock, rain and rough baggage handling. The bonus? A product that lasts plus reduced consumption.

We buy our components from suppliers in the EU. Compilation is done in Poland, close to our market – on demand. That way we don’t produce more than we have to. All design and development is done in Norway with recycled materials in focus.

Our products transform today’s infrastructure. It’s hopefully the end of check-in machines and all the logistics attached to this service. We also reduce the risk of mishandled luggage with secure mounting and high readability. This leads to less forwarding of luggage.

Follow our journey and our continuous mission to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Privacy built in

BagID 2 sends out an encrypted Bluetooth signal through devices in the Apple Find My and SmartThings Find network.

You are in control of your own location data and BagID does not have access to find out where your BagID 2 is located.

Travel in style

Choose your favorite casing and customize the background on your BagID. Decorate it with art from Inzpero and optional text that you choose, directly from the BagID app.

Make it personal - and make sure your BagID looks cool on your bag when you are not traveling with checked-in baggage as well.

What the BagID users think

Goodbye tags and queues

Finally a product that makes all the baggage-hassle go away and making your flight a whole lot easier!

Caspar V. - Verified Buyer

I need one more

Elegant product. Easy set-up towards Apple find my. Solid construction but not heavy.

Frank S. - Verified Buyer

This is perfect

Never again having to worry about where my luggage is, having full overview all the time of my luggage, on my phone. Thank you! I have two already, what a super product!

Mona F. - Verified Buyer.

More security and saving time

This BagID helps me a lot to see where my luggage is and save time to check in.

Roar A. - Verified Buyer