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Partnership agreement with BAGTAG

Partnership agreement with BAGTAG

BagID and BAGTAG have entered into a partnership agreement. The main purpose of this strategic partnership is to increase awareness, visibility, and the use of electronic baggage tags (EBT’s) in aviation.

BAGTAG is a Dutch company, the only supplier other than BagID to produce and sell electronic bag tags. They also offer a platform with several integrated airlines that support EBT’s.

BagID integrated onto BAGTAG’s platform.

BagID will be integrated onto the BAGTAG platform and can connect with the existing and future airlines associated with their platform. The airlines on BAGTAG’s platform as of today are Lufthansa, KLM, China Southern, Austrian Airlines, Air Dolomiti, Horizon Air, Swiss Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Sky West Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Our intention is to make all these airlines available for the BagID users going forward.

New airlines wanting to support EBT’s can now connect with BAGTAG’s multi-device APIs and make the EBT of both BagID and BAGTAG available for use to their passengers - not having to be bothered with operating different technical integrations.

EBT’s as an industry standard

BAGTAG and BagID are both aiming to make electronic bag tags the industry standard. From now on we will work closely together to achieve this. We strongly believe that the combined resources and innovations of BagID and BAGTAG will lead to more airlines, airports and passengers choosing electronic bag tags - to improve baggage handling and make travel with checked bags effortless and more sustainable.

BAGTAG and BagID - evolving the baggage industry together.