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Turning a less than convinced customer into a brand ambassador

Turning a less than convinced customer into a brand ambassador

When international football referee Øystein Ytterland experienced challenges when testing BagID, we sat down with him to learn more. 

"I am a firm believer in customer feedback. Asking those for whom you exist, what they think about your product and services, is vital for developing a successful business.”  

– Ina Eldøy, CEO at BagID

As an international football referee, Øystein Ytterland travels extensively. Based in Ålesund, he relies on being flexible and quickly catches a plane when assignments call. When he’s not refereeing matches, he works at Power (a Norwegian electronics retail chain that offers a wide range of consumer electronics and household appliances) and has an above average interest in testing technical gadgets. 

A football referee has numerous travel days in a year, often relying on connecting flights depending on the distance. Upon arrival at the stadium, they undergo an inspection of the field and facilities to ensure compliance with regulations and safety for players. It’s crucial to maintain a clear mind and a stress-free environment to stay focused on the upcoming events. With our electronic baggage tag, Øystein can check in the day before and head straight to the bag drop at the airport.

Challenges when testing BagID

When Øystein stumbled upon the pilot project that BagID was running with the Spanish airport operator Aena, testing the user experience of traveling with an electronic bag tag, he quickly volunteered. It was a perfect fit since his next assignment was at a training camp in Malaga.

Unfortunately, he encountered some issues when using his BagID for the first time, and he couldn't use it as planned. Since he was a part of the pilot, we received feedback from the less convinced football referee. We wanted to learn more about Øystein's experience and gain insight as to avoid such incidents in the future. Therefore, we invited him for lunch.

Valuable feedback and second chances

During lunch, we explained more about BagID and why the situation occurred. It sparked an exciting dialogue about new technology, busy workdays, and how we could best solve the problem. We wanted Øystein to experience the value of using BagID – we were sure it would make his travels smarter, more planned, and safer.

Thankfully, he was willing to give us a second chance, and we quickly set up a new BagID for him. We connected it to his iPhone, and we could see his smile as the screen lit up and Bluetooth blinked green.

Øystein Ytterland - football referee

"I love new gadgets and had been looking forward to testing BagID. Even though it didn't go as planned, I'm excited to test it on my next trip. Thanks to fantastic customer service and dedicated employees at BagID, I believe this could make my travels much smoother!"

 – Øystein Ytterland, football referee

Feedback on user experiences is highly valued, and we are grateful for the insights from Øystein and for giving us a second chance. It all ended with him leaving enlightened and satisfied, eager to recommend us to his referee colleagues. And we walked away with new knowledge and a desire to adjust based on his feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you again, Øystein! Wishing you many digital and efficient travels ahead.