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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This privacy policy applies to the collection, use and processing of personal information that you provide in connection with the pilot project between Aena and BagID. Throughout this privacy policy, BagID may be referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”, “the organizer” or “the data controller” in this privacy statement.

BagID uses your personal information to facilitate the conclusion and execution of the agreement for the agreement for the pilot project in collaboration with Aena. The legal basis for processing your personal information is the necessity of managing orders, providing customer service, handling survey responses and ensuring that all participating parties in the project fulfill their obligations.

To ensure that the project and surveys fulfill their intended purposes and provide the desired data foundation for the organizers, we collect, use and process personal information about you. This includes information we receive through the purchase and use of the product, information you provide about your journey and experience, as well as any communicating you have with us via email, social media, and possibly telephone.

Please note that the use of our website (https://bagid.com), the BagID-app, as well as the purchase and use of our digital product, is subject to a separate privacy policy.

1.1 Data Controller and Data Processor

BagID is the data controller for the project and is responsible for handling your personal information accurately. BagID is responsible for defining the purposes of collecting and processing personal data and ensuring compliance with applicable privacy laws. BagID utilizes multiple data processors and is responsible for selecting and ensuring that our data processors comply with privacy regulations in their roles. Our data processors implement effective security measures to safeguard your personal information, including encryption, firewalls, and regular security reviews.

1.2 Data Collection Methodology

All data collection methods are designed to ensure a certain quality of the project and gain insights into how BagID and Aena can enhance the quality of their services. The data controller ensures that participants' personal information is processed in accordance with applicable guidelines and legislation. The personal information the organizer holds about the participant is used only for purposes relevant to the pilot project. BagID employs various methodologies and technologies to obtain the necessary data foundation for the project, including:

  • Registration forms
  • Surveys

Chapter 3 outlines the information we access through the collection methods. BagID also gathers anonymized and aggregated data about participants and potential participants through other technologies described in our privacy statement on the website and the BagID-app.

2. Consent

For a consent to be valid, it must be voluntary, specific, informed, unambiguous, given through an active act, documented, and as easy to withdraw as it was given. BagID does not ask you to provide personal information that is not necessary to fulfill an agreement or carry out the project concerning the obligations set.

When registering as a participant in the pilot project, you are required to consent to the content of this privacy statement and to BagID contacting you with relevant information. If desired, you can consent to receiving marketing materials from BagID via email when making a purchase on our website. Accepting marketing is not a requirement to participate in the project.

2.1 Withdrawal of Consent

If you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact us. We will delete the personal information for which you no longer provide your consent to BagID. You can withdraw your consent to process personal information about you at any time or refuse to provide certain types of information. Please note that this constitutes a breach of the agreement and will result in your inability to continue participating in our pilot project. If you withdraw your consent after receiving goods, the deposited amount will not be refunded.

3. Data Collected

Upon registering interest in the project, BagID will request information through a web form.

This entails filling in the necessary information to participate in the project. The following personal information will be accessed through participation in the pilot project:

3.1 Information related to your reference number with Norwegian or Widerøe

Through the registration form, we will ask you to provide the reference number for your journey. We need to validate your trip, providing us with access to personal information such as:

  • Personal details
  • Departure location and time
  • Arrival location and time
  • Ticket type
  • Baggage information
  • Any additional services
  • Other travelers on the same reference number

3.2 Information provided when ordering products and subscriptions via BagID

BagID commits to delivering a product package free of charge to the participant, necessary for the participant to fulfill obligations and provide data to BagID and Aena. To deliver products and services to you, we need to know following about you:

  • Personal details
  • Phone and email address
  • Street address, postal code, city, and country
  • Payment method

3.3 Account information in the BagID-app

The use of the electronic luggage tag is managed through our app. Therefore, the participant needs to create an account in the BagID-app if one does not already exist. Account creation grants us access to the following information:

  • Personal details
  • Phone and email address

3.4 Use of subscription services in the app

BagID gains insight into when the user manages travels and utilizes subscription services in the app. BagID does not have the ability to see or track other activities performed in the application.

  • The time and date when you added the flight
  • Time of baggage tag generation and transfer

3.5 Responses from the survey

The participant's main obligation in the project is to answer a survey about the experience of traveling with electronic luggage tags. BagID (as the organizer and data controller) and Aena (as the organizer and data processor) will gain insight into participants' responses.

4. Data Protection

All information is collected and stored in professional plattforms that adhere to industry standards for security and privacy. Certain details may be stored in secured internal files. BagID, as the data controller, is responsible for ensuring that your personal information is stored and handled correctly.

4.1 Payment

Our payment methods utilize encryption technology to ensure that your payment information is protected. Neither BagID nor Aena has access to identifying or exploitable payment details.

4.2 Sale of Personal Information

BagID will not sell your personal data to third parties but may, with the purpose of improving its services and promoting the company, share aggregated data as needed.

4.3 Anonymized and Aggregated Data

Aena, as the data processor, will have access to parts of the information you provide in connection with the project. To ensure the project's implementation and fulfillment of project participants' terms, personal and survey data will not be anonymized for BagID and Aena.

Data shared with third parties will not be able to identify individuals' personal information, travel details, or opinions but may, in anonymized or aggregated form, provide insights into the project's results on behalf of the participant group as a whole.

5. Changes to the Privacy Statement

In the event of significant changes in the way we collect, process, or protect personal information in connection with the project, you, as the directly affected party, will receive information from BagID. We use the information you provided during registration to contact you.

We encourage you to regularly check our privacy statements for updated information on how we collect, use, and protect your personal information. The applicable privacy statement is always the one published.

6. Complaints

If you have concerns or complaints regarding our handling of your personal information in this project, we encourage you to contact us. We take privacy seriously and will do our best to address any concerns you may have regarding our data processing. We commit to collaborating with relevant authorities to resolve complaints related to personal information that cannot be resolved directly.

7. Contact

All inquiries regarding the project may be directed to:


Keiser Wilhelms gate 22

6003 Ålesund




Line Drabløs

Chief Marketing Officer, BagID AS