The NEXT big thing for Android are coming!

We will launch BagID 2 for Android. Stay in the know by signing up in the form under to get early access.

BagID 2 for Android is going to be amazing and based on hundreds of millions of Android phones just like our BagID 2 with Apple Find My. Stay tuned!

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Johannes BarlienCustomer

"You don’t need to do anything other than slip your baggage into bag drop. It’s a liberating feeling!”

"The app is easy to use, and is something which your mom could easily use!”

Ole Marius LervågCustomer

“I think that bagID GO have made every day travel easier for me. It’s pretty good to be able to check in my bags from my sofa at home and completely skip the queues at the airport”.

Svein Jørgen RoaldCustomer

“If your baggage were to become lost or delayed, you can be proactive in knowing both where your baggage is and avoid any unnecessary queues. It really is useful!”