BagID 2 for Samsung Galaxy

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Track your belongings

BagID GO makes it super easy to keep track of your stuff. Attach it to your backpack, PC case, suitcase, carry-on, horse or whatever –  You can find its position on the map in our mobile app. 

Your own check-in machine!
Are you catching a flight? With BagID you have your own contactless check-in machine! Forget about standing in line. Just check in your luggage on your phone before you go.

Full control with smart updates
The BagID app has a complete overview over your travels. The app will update you on any possible changes or delays in your flights and keeps track of your flight times and gate numbers. It also notifies you on which carousel your baggage will arrive on. One of our customers has said
“I didn’t think the smart updates would be so helpful, but I use them all the time”.

And hey, the BagID GO is available in a number of cool colors.
Choose your favorite casing, customize the background with art from Inzpero, throw in a logo if you’d like – make it personal!

In the box

- 1 BagID GO
- 1 Attachment casing of choice
- 1 USB-C cable