BagID - Known issues

As of september 2022 we have been made aware of a few common issue with the BagID 2 and GO.
These issues are resolved in FW version 3.1.3. Update your device in the BagID app. If you havent updated your device, these are resolutions that often works:

Pairing request (BagID 2 only) Resolved in FW 3.1.3

Some users on iOS are shown a dialog box where they are asked to accept a pairing request.

If they select "Pair" a pairing is created that prevents the user from interacting with the BagID unit over Bluetooth.

To resolve this issue: 

*Open the iOS Bluetooth settings
*Disable, then enable Bluetooth
*The BagID will be listed under "MY DEVICES"
*Click the info icon (to the right) and select "Forget This Device"​

You should now again be able to reach the BagID unit over Bluetooth.

Blank Screen on bagtag transfer (BagID 2 only) Resolved in FW 3.1.3

Sometimes the BagID display becomes blank. To switch back to showing an image or a baggage tag, either:
*push the right button in the BagID unit twice, or
*in the mobile app, select the BagID and then select "Show image" or "Show bagtag"

Unable to reach the BagID GO/2 over Bluetooth. Resolved in FW 3.1.3

Sometimes, after having used the BagID succcessfully for a while, you may experience that you are no longer able to connect to the BagID over Bluetooth. Try to remove it (select the BagID, scroll down and select "Remove"), and add it again. 

You should now be able to connect over Bluetooth, for example to get the battery status.

Experiencing an issue?

If you discover an issue while using our services we would appreciate if you would take the time to contact us using the contact form