Get started with your BagID 2

Start by downloading our app for iOS or Android

BagID 2 for Apple tracking function requires iOS and the Apple Find My app

1. Add the BagID in the BagID app and give it a name.

2. Choose "Add new image" to transfer art work from Inzpero. (We recommend that you add your first name and phone number on bottom of the image)

3. BagID 2 for Apple only: Hold the left button for more than 10 seconds while at the same time pushing the right button once. This will activate Apple Find My and the unit is now searchable for 10 minutes in the Find My app - Navigate and click on the "Pair With Find My" under the device menu in the BagID app. It will then automatically jump over to the Find My app and search for your BagID 2.

You are now done and ready to fly!

General information


1. Add your travel itinerary to the BagID app by adding your reference number and your last name in the BagID app. 

Ensure that the last name matches your ticket. 

2. Your flight details are now available under “upcoming flights”.

3. Check-in via the airline website or app.

4. Check-in your luggage via the BagID app. Follow the instruction for connection within the app and the information will be transferred to your BagID. 

Note: You need to be checked in through your airline to transfer your baggage tag to BagID. 

Depending on the airline, you can check in your luggage from the BagID app 24-48h before your flight. Please note this may vary by airline. 

BagID main button

Bluetooth activation

Click the left button on the BagID to activate the bluetooth. The LED will blink blue for 30 seconds to allow the BagID app to communicate with the BagID.
Each time you want to use the BagID with the BagID app you have to click the left button.

Enable/disable audible click

To enable or disable the audible click sound on button press, press the left button twice.

Battery status

Click the right button on the BagID to check the battery status on your device.

Attaching your BagID

Attach the aluminium bar to the handle of your bag by tightening the velcros firmly.

Insert your BagID into the casing and slide it onto the bar.

Insert the locking clip into the small hole on the knob. Insert the padlock into the bigger hole on the knob and through the handle of your bag.

*Pad lock sold separately.

User manual

1. The BagID
The devices have an e-ink screen, a rechargeable battery, two buttons at the bottom of the device, and a LED light in the upper right corner. This user manual describes the use of the buttons, the screen, and the LED light.

2. Charging
Charge the BagID 2 device by connecting it to power by means of an USB C cable and a power adapter such as a phone charger.

When charging, the LED light will light solid red.

When the battery is fully charged, the LED light will light solid green.

If the LED light blinks red/green, you have reached the maximum charging time of six hours. Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable to continue charging.

To see the charge status of the battery, press the right button to display information on the screen.

3. Buttons
The buttons work best when pushing where there is a small dent on the buttons. The LED light is located at the upper right corner of the device.

3.1 Enable BagID Bluetooth advertising
To interact with the device using the BagID mobile app, the device must be set to advertise the BagID Bluetooth advertising payloa (referred to as being in BagID mode).

To enable BagID mode, press the left button once. The LED light will blink blue for 3 seconds. When the Bluetooth connection is active (the app is actively communicating with the device over Bluetooth), the LED lights solid blue.

When the LED stops blinking or lighting solid blue, it goes back to advertising the Apple Find My Bluetooth advertising payload (BagID mode is disabled).

Please note that while the LED light is blinking blue, the BagID 2 cannot be used as a Find My accessory. You must wait until the blinking stops before using it with the Apple Find My app.

3.2 Enable/disable audible click
To enable or disable the audible click sound on button press, press the left button twice.

3.3 Switch between showing ticket information and an image
Using the BagID mobile app, an image can be transferred to the device to show on the e-ink screen. To switch between showing this image and showing ticket information, press the right button twice. The LED light will blink green.

3.4 Reboot
To reboot the BagID 2 device, press the left button three times within one second. You will hear three beeps to confirm that the device is rebooting.

3.5 BagID Factory reset
To factory reset the BagID 2 device, press the right button five times and then press the left button three times within one second.
Factory reset will clear the RAM on the device and the welcome screen will be shown on the device.

4. Apple Find My (BagID 2 only)
Please note that the following functions will not work if the BagID 2 has been set to communicate with the BagID app and the LED is blinking blue (after clicking the left button once). The LED will stop blinking after 3seconds and then the BagID is ready to be used with Find My functionality.

4.1 Enable Find My functionality
To enable the Find My functionality, hold down the left-button for more than 10 seconds and then press the right button once (while holding down the left button). The LED light will
light green for three seconds. If no iOS device pairs with the
accessory within 10 minutes after Find My activation, the Find My functionality will automatically be disabled, and three beeps will be heard.
Repeat the combination for turning on Find My for enabling it again.

Upon successful pairing, the Find My functionality will only be disabled upon user request as described in the next section, or with Find My factory reset.

Note: If the battery is low (below 20%), the BagID 2
will not be reachable from the Apple Find My app. Recharge the battery.

4.2 Disable Find My functionality
To disable the Find My functionality, hold down the left-button for more than 10 seconds and then press the right button once
(while holding down the left button). The LED light will
light red for three seconds.

4.3 Find My factory reset
Hold down the left button for more than 10 seconds and
click three times on the right button. Note that this will only
factory erase Find My-related data, and the button combination only works if
Find My is enabled. When factory resetting, the LED will light red for 3seconds, and you will hear three beeps.

 Factory reset will delete all pairing information. The user must remove the BagID 2 device from the Find My app and enable Find My functionality before it can be used again.

4.4 Removing the BagID 2 from the Apple Find My app
When removing the BagID 2 from the Apple Find My app, you should have the BagID close by and the BagID should not be in BagID mode.

If this is not the case, the Find My app will present to you the option to force remove the BagID.

Force remove the BagID should be avoided if possible.

This leads to a situation where you must execute Find My factory reset to be able to use the BagID 2 in Find My again.

If you experience further connection issues please enter the iOS device Bluetooth settings and ‘forget’ any existing Bluetooth connections to BagID devices.