Frequently asked questions

BagID GO and BagID 2

How does your smart updates work?

Via the BagID app, you’ll receive smart updates which help you to keep updated before you even commence your journey.

- Reminders that check in is open, and that BagID is ready to transfer your baggage tags etc.
- Useful updates about flight times, delays, gate numbers etc.
-Updates that your baggage has arrived at its destination, which baggage arrivals carousel it can be collected from, or if your baggage hasn’t landed with you etc.

*For certain areas and airports with only one baggage arrivals carousel, you will not receive a notification for which baggage arrivals carousel your luggage will arrive on.

How do I connect my device to the app?

Press the left button to activate the bluetooth on your BagID device for 30seconds. When the bluetooth is active the LED will blink blue for 30seconds.

Within the 30seconds you can transfer a baggage tag, name tag or do other stuff from your phone.

My device is not charging

Ensure that you use a USB A to USB C cable with a USB adapter.

Charging from your computer or using a USB C to USB C is not supported.

Which temperatures can BagID withstand?

BagID 2 tracks everything if it is between -4 degrees celcius to +60 degrees celcius.

My BagID is not showing up in the app

Ensure that your BagID have sufficient battery and that you have activated bluetooth on your phone. BagIDs pairing mode can be activated by clicking the left button once.

Android 10 or later is required and iOS 15 or later is recommended, but not required.

My image is gone, how do I bring it back again?

If you have transferred a nametag to your device and its not showing because you have updated the display with something else you can bring it back by clicking two times on the right button.


To reboot you BagID device click 3 times on the left button. Your device will confirm this action by beeping 2times on a successful reboot.

Factory reset

To factory reset your BagID device click the right button 5 times (very fast) and then 3 times on the left button.

If you got it right the device will reboot (2 beeps) and the welcome page will show.

Air travel

How does airline check-in work?

BagID is integrated with all partner airlines, and checking in baggage works as BagID connects to the airlines systems and fetches information on both the flight and baggage tags.

BagID also fetches information for example on flight times, delays, gates and baggage arrival carousels, and send updates during your journey so that you stay updated on the most up to date changes.

As a tracking device, BagID can be used with all airlines, en route or outside of airports, worldwide.

As a baggage tag BagID can be used with Norwegian airlines and Widerøe airlines today, and with additional partners to be announces during the course of 2022.

Which airline is supported to check-in with?

Functions such as tracking, name tag and updates do not require interaction from all of the unique airlines, and can be used on all types of journeys. You can receive information on where your things are located without any coordination from the airlines.

When it comes to checking in baggage with airlines, it is primarily Norwegian airlines and Widerøe who offer these solutions today. It is expected that more airlines from Scandinavia, Europe, USA and Asia will also support the use of BagID.

Where do I drop off my baggage at the airport?

Your baggage can be taken straight to Bag Drop! This is usually clearly visible at all airports and is often the first thing you see upon arrival. If you cannot locate the Bag Drop area, contact the information desk at the airport.

How do I check in my luggage?

When you’ve added your travel itinerary into the BagID app and have transferred baggage information to your BagID device, your luggage is ready to be checked in. You can then take your baggage straight to Bag Drop.

The baggage drop process can vary between airlines. Follow the instructions from your airline’s baggage and check in areas.

How do I weigh my luggage?

Your luggage is automatically weighed on the carousel at bag drop, before it is accepted and moved into the plane’s cargo hold.

If your baggage is too heavy, you will be asked to contact airline personnel for assistance.

Is the “PRIORITY” label visible on my BagID?

Should you have “PRIORITY” status, this will be visible on your BagID device.

What do I do if the airport does not have a self-service bag drop area?

If you arrive at an airport without self-service check-in and bag drop, you will need to drop your baggage off as usual at a check in counter.

How does transfer of baggage Information to BagID work?

Your baggage information transfers from the BagID App to BagID via Bluetooth.

When you check in your baggage via the app, you’ll receive a message that the information is ready to be transferred. Follow the instructions for connection within the app and the information will be transferred to your BagID.

Is the BagID devices approved by IATA?

Yes. We follow the official IATA EBT implementation guide. That means that our products are flight safe and can be used all over the world.

Can I use multiple BagID devices on the same booking?

Yes, you can use as many BagID devices as you have baggage allowance for.

Does it work with connecting flights?

Yes, BagID works with connecting flights as a paper bag tag would do.

When can i check-in my luggage from the mobile app?

Luggage check-in will only be available once you have checked in with the airlines.

Depending on the airline, you can check-in your luggage from the BagID app 24 hours prior to your flight. Please note that this may vary by airline.

Is BagID compatible with FAA regulations?

Yes, the BagID is designed after IATAs EBT implementation guide and FAAs regulations surrounding li-ion batteries. The BagID have a battery under 2,66Wh which is within the limits.

For the BagID GO which contains mobile cellular communication this module is turned off by two independent means (sensors and SW).

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a subscription?

Some services in the BagID app are subject to a "Plus" subscription. These services will be launched during 2022, but for the moment all services are included.

For more information about the subscriptions, have a look at the subscription page.

How does the permanent mounting plate work?

BagID attaches to your luggage with its recommened attachment casing in leather or vegan leather, but can also be mounted with the mounting plate for a more secure finish. It can be used on both hard suitcases and soft baggage.

Four pins stick through the mounting plate and baggage, and secure with magnetic functionality on the inside of the luggage. (The same functionality which is used for clothing theft alarms in clothing boutiques). It fastened securely and well, and a special magnet remover is used to remove the plate.

It takes a few seconds to click the BagID into the mounting plate on your luggage.

To loosen the BagID, the baggage needs to be opened. This significantly reduces the chance of theft.

If you plan on using BagID on multiple items of luggage, you will need multiple mounting plates or a mounting case. Add additional casings if you desire to share the unit within your family.

The mounting plate is difficult to remove from baggage, so take care in attaching it to the luggage which you intend on using most for travel.

How robust is the design?

BagID has been designed in close collaboration with airlines and airports, and is designed to handle shock, rain and rough baggage handling.

The cover features rough edges for extra resistance against impact on the sides. The screen is made of a flexible material so that it is bendable and should not break, and the display is covered with a special designed protective glass. It is extremely resistant to scratches.

BagID has been tested by Avinor at Gardemoen airport (OSLO International airport) for verification that it can withstand rough baggage handling conditions.

Crash testing of the BagID has also been performed. The BagID was attached to the underside of a 27kg suitcase and dropped from a 1 meter height. The only registered damage from the testing was a scratch on the mounting plate. The screen was undamaged and remained fully readable.